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Cheap N Easy was going to be a fun identity development project. Fueled by fashion, the style blog was going to aid the fashionista in cool finds, noteworthy boutiques, fashion advice and where and how to do all of this … Continue reading

The Blade Runners

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I was ready to get started immediately when I heard Boston’s hottest DJ act, The BladeRunners, was wanting to work with me. The first time I actually met DJ7L and DJ BraunDraper was at an event for Uncle Pete’s (this … Continue reading

DJ Braun Draper

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After completing the branding for the official The BladeRunners identity, it was time to get started on the individual artists logos. DJ BraunDraper is definitely the more quirky and outspoken of the two… terrific dude. You know the old guy … Continue reading


Canvas logo © 2011 OZ. All rights reserved.

When I first started to think of names for my studio, my wife and I came up with a ton of names. I actually launched my business in 2009 as Organic Anarchy. A week later, I went back to city … Continue reading

Crammed Media

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This was a rebrand job and to be honest, it started out as just a business card layout job. The client had an existing logo and truth be told he wanted me to just alter some text on the content … Continue reading

Eternal Health Yoga

ehy1 © 2011 OZ. All rights reserved.

This logo has a funny story behind it. Before XCNVS and Canvas came about, my official business name was Organic Anarchy. I was going through a stage where all I wanted to do was fluid, hand drawn, organic type. I … Continue reading

Bang NoYes

bn1 © 2011 OZ. All rights reserved.

The Blade Runners were starting another group with another DJ and were planning to hit the club scene and airwaves hard with new mixes and material that was currently being produced in their lab. When we first chatted about the … Continue reading

NYC Rotten Apple

ra1 © 2011 OZ. All rights reserved.

I decided to show this project as it’s own case study because this is a prime example of identity development and branding. Once again, 7L and The BladeRunners commissioned me to do a collage of old school hip hop images … Continue reading


cc1 © 2011 OZ. All rights reserved.

The Concepts logotype was a hand lettered piece that I did while I was Senior Art Director for Pilot. The projects that came from CNCPTS kept me on edge and ready to go with anticipation. This identity project as well … Continue reading

Serena Kabat-Zinn

skz1 © 2011 OZ. All rights reserved.

Serena is a brilliant artist from Cape Cod. I had the opportunity to meet her through Rebecca Pacheco and soon became friends as well. The relationship started as a working relationship. The task at hand was to create an identity … Continue reading

The Nantucket Beach Chair Co.

nan1 © 2011 OZ. All rights reserved.

This project was worked on while I was senior art director at Pilot. I got really inspired to work on this identity because of the product which was, you guessed it, a beach chair. The Rolls Royce of beach chairs. … Continue reading